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This project was made in collaboration with Jordan Hundelt(Right) and Bianca Ranciato(Left). We created a mock campaign for the brand Hello to advertise their menstrual cup and highlight its benefits. It began as a school project in March 2020 but we had to produce it remotely as a result of Covid-19.

Lead on Graphic Design

and Copy

Lead on Art Direction and Photography 

Lead on Retouching and Compositing 

We pitched our ideas and production plans

pls work.gif

And made this video to document our process

Once we made the project public, we were contacted by the brand for use of the campaign. Lots of correspondence and a few changes later, the campaign is now in use and selling menstrual cups all over the world!


We've also received a gold Addy award and a scholarship from the Rochester Advertising Federation for our work.

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