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Architectural Digest

I was hired to build the visual direction for a new channel under Architectural Digest's digital brand. Below you'll find my original art direction decks and some of the projects I've produced over the last two years working on this vertical. 


ADIY Branding

This new vertical was created to provide Arch Digest readers with a more relatable and practical outlet for home design content, as they have previously been more focused on very high brow architecture and design coverage. Below you'll find the visual direction I pitched based on this goal. 

Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 1.43.59 PM.png

Content Development

In addition to creating content myself, I commission and manage different artists who create  illustrations, photos, and other assets for our channel. 

DIY Diary

DIY Diary is a franchise that follows the home renovation projects of designers from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. The series focuses on the process of each project and all of the successes and failures that came with it. 

leanne ford diy diary header4.jpg
diy diary header-cox.jpg
Tawny Newsome Part 22.jpg

Advertising partnerships

We work with various advertisers and individuals to create specialized sponsored content. Here is the visual direction created for a past project with IKEA.

Resulting Illustrations

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