Isolation Project


I began by imagining the space, and I even tried to build it with all these red tile. I couldn't find enough to finish the space so I turned to a digital solution by asking my friend Mike Dicola to create the space in 3D software. These images were the references I gave him for the angles I wanted.

This project began as an exploration of confinement versus imagination. I wanted to illustrate a dramatized hypothesis of where my mind might take me if I truly had to spend 24 hours in isolation. 


I built a greenscreen space in my basement to film the footage for the digital space.


It switches to greenscreen footage not far into the video because I ran out of time for the tedious keying I had to do in editing. I hope to finish it someday soon but for now you can see what the original footage looked like :)

I have since developed several iterations of the footage from this project

This video format is inspired by a project I had previously done on holograms as seen below

This is a 3D space I designed in Mozilla hubs using the title screen from the video. It won 3rd place in the 2020 Frameless Labs competition.

Hologram Project

This came out of an assignment to photograph something inspired by a certain decade. The styling was inspired by the 1960's and I took greenscreen video as well so that I could display the shoot in a retrofuturistic presentation.

Abbonizio5857 2.JPG
Abbonizio5842 2.JPG

3D Printed Meat

Abbonizio_Steak closeup.jpg

This project developed as I contemplated the future of advertising lab grown meat. I wanted to create my own illustration of something that is meat in representation and form, but not in its conception. 

I 3D printed this steak and painted it as realistically as possible.


The concept then inspired this  satirical video about the ways we advertise traditionally farmed meat.

I took the footage of the 3d printed meat and combined it with lots of found footage.

I also wrote the script and hired a voice actor to read it.

Lastly, I presented the video as an installation so that viewers could experience the physical piece of meat alongside my interpretation of it in the video

Drone Videos

Two videos I made while experimenting with drones

The Moon and I

Slumber Party

Projection Experimentation