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The goal of the project was to capture the timeless allure of Lella’s designs so that they can live on with every new generation. I was honored to have the opportunity to illustrate these pieces in my own personal vision.

Through A Contemporary Lens:
Lella Vignelli's Jewelry For San Lorenzo

An Exhibition

This project was developed after the Vignelli Center acquired the final missing pieces from their archived collection of Lella Vignelli's jewelry designs. 

To capture the jewelry I produced a fast paced photoshoot with three models, assistants, a makeup artist, and a jewelry specialist. See behind the scenes of that

process in this short video.

The resulting images were shown on print display at Beyond Fashion 2021 and are currently being exhibited at RIT's University Gallery.

Creating spaces that are nondescript and introspective was integral to the vision and allows the jewelry to speak for itself. I was inspired by the different forms that the pieces assume and wanted to mirror that versatility by depicting them on a variety of models. Each brings their own air of individuality and style which honors that of the Vignelli legacy.


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